ETL Tool

for Telecommunication Industry

A system for a telecommunication company which does data mining and creates dashboards & reports that allow our customers to quickly analyze different business scenarios.

The system is quite complex in terms of the data we are receiving in a CDR file (Type of text file) which has more than 80 columns. We fetch this file via ftp from a secure server and then push the data into a staging database or table. The number of records received in files vary from 0 to 50,000 records which we is to be processed in 60 minutes to dump into the database creating the relation with customer’s existing masters, executing various algorithms.

  • Error logs while fetching the files from FTP
  • Developing an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
  • BI Reports
  • Dashboard & Analytics


online food ordering

Creating an online store for ordering subway sandwiches. In entire food industry, Subway's subs and Pizza are one of the most complex products to configure or to create in ordering system as they have various toppings, breads and other options to select from.

The system includes a backend admin which allows a subway owner to create products and allow toppings for each product. It also has a desktop website, mobile website and an app.

Apart from online store, we also created a windows based utility allowing Subway owners to get notification on their POS system whenever an online order is accepted.

  • An ordering system which allows user to select their own toppings and breads
  • Allowing customers to select combos
  • A windows utility to receive the orders on POS machine and print the orders along with the order and customer information
  • Push Notification – An admin can send different offers and coupons via push notification to the mobile users
  • Coupon – A coupon system that generates online and offline coupons that can be used in the registered Subway franchise.

Concord Enterprise

- Printing Process Optimization

An application that optimizes the overall operation of a paper printing and processing company. Earlier Concord enterprise use to create jobcards on paper and use to transfer the job cards to various processes for a single job. They have various processes during printing like cutting, printing, post-press activities, binding etc. and hence, it was quite tough for them to know the status of the printing job.

Proses developed an application which optimizes the whole printing process in a manner where every job is being divided in various statuses. The supervisor can see them and can estimate the time for every deliver of their printing job

  • Allowing admin to create job cards and get approvals as well as the system itself check the paper inventory. Selectable various options like what kind of paper required, what kind of cutting, printing, colors, post press activities, packaging and other additional details.
  • Each process head have their own login wherein they can execute their jobs whenever they receive any.
  • Paper Inventory
  • A module for accounting and cost calculations
  • Reports


Campaign System

A campaigning system developed for a US politician allowing his volunteers to use the voters' data on an i Pad to campaign for the candidate and to record their daily activities. It has also been used during various events to create invitees and send them invitation via “Constant Contact” and in receiving the reports on each events

Once the campaign was over; on the election day - the system used to generate various reports on the targeted voters, the system was accessed by 800 simultaneous users on web application and mobile website on iPad.

  • ETL Tool for data coming from US Government
  • Geo-coding for every voter (Approx, 10 million)
  • Mapping voters as per the volunteer area in a geo-coding sequence
  • Voting Probability algorithm – allows the volunteer to know the chances if the voter is going to vote or not. (Algorithm was running for 50 Million Records)
  • Events & Invitee Management
  • Recording Voter's Sentiments and issues



System for Axel Polymers Ltd. - A toll compounding and plastic polymer manufacturing company. Axel manufactures customized polymers that includes formulation of every finished goods which can be either a jobwork for an MNC or products - they sell in the market locally and overseas.

The system is an ERP having various modules, like -

  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Formulation
  • Costing
  • Invoicing
  • Dispatch
  • Quality
  • Production & Planning
  • Reports


A Medical Portal

A Medical Portal of its kind where all the entities related to medical industry are featured, including - Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Suppliers, Lab & Diagnostic Centers, Ancillary service providers. The system has various modules where each entity can register itself and can subscribe with different packages. Below are some of the features of the system:

  • Doctors & Hospital Modules
    • Profile
    • Appointment scheduling (Allows doctors to schedule multiple clinics)
    • View Patient History (Registered users)
    • Medical Tourism
    • Medical Camps
    • Image Gallery
  • SMS Gateway
  • Lab & Diagnostic Centers
    • Appointments
    • Allowing Tests
  • CRM Module for sales
  • Ancillary Companies
  • Medical Suppliers
    • Product catalogue for each medical suppliers
  • Search (Full text Search)

File Management


A FMCG required a highly secured file management system that allows their employees to upload various documents and share within the company as well as to their vendors or customers along with other features, like - document versioning, document commenting, user permissions using ACL Authentication and 128 bit file encryption. Below are some of the features:

  • ACL Authentication
  • File Management including version control and permissions & sharing
  • File Encryption (128 bit)
  • File uploading & Downloading up to 5GB
  • Reports



A start up focusing on coupons online and offline using mobile app. Coupon Locus creates and designs coupons for various retailers and generates printable coupons as well as coupon on devices. Each set of coupons has different validity and different offers. A user can buy coupon online appearing in their mobile devices or on physical coupon booklets. Every coupon is authenticated using QR code where we have a different vendor app for validating them. It allows them to check the ROI of investment on their coupon campaigns.

  • A Backend system to maintain the campaigns and coupons system for back office
  • Can generate coupons along with its encrypted code that is used to create QR codes
  • An app for vendors and their multiple outlets to validate and redeem the coupons
  • A user app where they can buy the coupons and use the device to redeem it on the store.

Operations System

for Logistics Industry

Customized solution for logistics domain using our functional knowledge and technological edge over these years of operations.

We engaged itself in the development of customized solution as per the agreed path discussed during various meetings and to be firmed upon acceptance of the proposal.

The deliverables was as under:

  • Customized web based solution
  • The solution intended to automate the customer’s business operations and provide management an overview of business on a day to day basis.
  • Allows the back office and on field staff to update real time data as well as update data via block upload.
  • The customer used an outdated client server system for 20% of their daily activity and for rest of it uses MS Excel sheets. The same was replaced by the online system developed by us giving a 360 degree view to the user and the management.
  • The system also bridges the gap of information between the organization and the customer with online and real time availability of data.
  • The host of reports and dashboard helps the users and management team on effective management and tracking with constructive decisions.
  • Built in Roles and Permissions
  • MIS reports and other output documents as required.