Creatorsco Co-founder had a fantastic idea to develop an application and build a platform between fashion designers & manufacturers. Our client faced problem where it was tough for small designers to find out the right manufacturer who can execute designer’s project.


We had to create a web portal for designers and manufacturers to create a bridge where designers can input their designs, material and patterns, and manufacturers can bid the project. Once the project starts the application should be able to execute the project and their individual tasks.

PROSES web technology is a team of committed, hardworking & sincere people. The young and talented team always shows enthusiasm in doing and ideating something new. Each individual is committed to give a 100%. Their administration from beginning to end has been brilliant, professional & friendly. It is a tremendous joy to work with them.

Khushboo Desai Founder - Cretorsco.

Results was launched last November and is running successfully since then, we delivered the project in time and supported the client in various marketing strategies and compliance for running a business.