Carhunt was a start-up project by an entrepreneur with small IT company. Our client’s sound knowledge for cars and automobile initiated for Carhunt and it’s development.


PROSES analysed the scenario and found out the code itself was not as per MVC standards. The cake php framework as not implemented and thus the site was not developed as per the requirements. Our strategy was to fix each feature one by one. Once we fixed the code and features, then we decided to work on the user interface and user experience. The site’s UI/UX was then revised with proper Jquery and Javascript. All these developments were carried out in a affordable budget.

I’m grateful to PROSES as they put hands on my website which was damaged by a local web development company. Not only my website was developed in the promised time frame but also I was charged nominally for the same. Icing on the cake are their low AMC costs and quick response time. I’ll recommend to trust the team and its leader!  

Romil Shroff Founder - Carhunt


The site was updated with the latest code within the given time frame, we also recommended low cost hosting until proper traffic on The site is now running since last year without any issues and our client was satisfied with our approach.

Via: Carhunt