Lulla classes a renowned educational institute in Vadodara came up with a scholarship and exam app. Their earlier development was with jQuery Mobile with lot of functional and rendering issues as well as the recent changes were not completed in time.


Understanding the scenario we had to first analyse the flow and clear out the bugs and issues with the existing stack of code and then to develop a new feature on it. The challenge for PROSES was to work with older technology and create a better performing app with the same technology. The UI and UX was very poor and had to revised within the same code.

PROSES never fail to impress us with their innovative ideas and Timely services. Our App has had a great success with our audience. You will understand what we say if you have actually tried out some half baked App Developers in the market.
Cheers to the Proses Team.

Dev Lulla Director & Lead Educator - Lulla Classes


PROSES delivered the app within the time changing the whole app user experience and user interface and making it perform well with the older stack of code. The performance resulted in more than 700 user downloads and same number of student registrations for Lulla Classes. The analytic integration also allowed them to take a better marketing decision for their educational programs.

Via: Bratus.Co