Omihub was a start-up company, which wanted a platform to search for medical services either a doctor, clinic, hospital or even an ambulance service.


PROSES understood their requirement and thus we created a strategy to get the doctors, clinics, hospitals and other medical service provider to come on a single platform where a user can find everything in medical services with their preferred criteria in the medical services. As the system was vast in terms of data and traffic we had to create a framework which can be worked out on a scalable model and create best user experience including search and booking of a doctor with sms gateway integration.

I would like to thank the entire team of PROSES web technologies for doing a great job in development of omihub. They have been instrumental not only in development but also the conceptualization of the ideas as well.

Rahul Karnik CEO - Omihub


Since its launch in 2015 the portal was up and is now running successfully and we also created an app for the mobile users. Omihub is now providing services in 15 cities and 3 states. We are still giving support for their mobile and web application.