Concord Printing is a pioneer in Printing since 1982. They have embraced the latest machines and tools for printing, but their operation and printing process was old school where they were using job card printed on a paper and each printing process i.e. pre-press, printing, post press, dispatch etc were getting executed with data on a piece of paper.


Proses understood the background and created a workflow for their entire printing process. The idea was to track and execute every process through our system where every process will have its own user so they get to see only those data which are relevant to that specific users. This process needed to be linked with their paper inventory to maintain their stocks along with the machines they will be using for printing. Once the job is done and dispatched, the billing departments need to see all the expenses and create invoice accordingly in another software.

Proses Analyzed our process flow and the skill set of the work personnels, developed custom solution with right technology for us. The user experience and system performance increased our work effeciency and reduced the information & process gaps. The software is up and running from last 5 years and we are more than satisfied with the solution.

Their technology expertise and experience help us to achieve our goals.
Arshad Memon Director - Concord Printing


The system was implemented and launched in 2014, with proper training they are using the printing application without any hurdles. Regular updates for compliance the system is now allowing them to track every process with the information available as and when required for every printing job.

Via: Concordprinting