Lot of restaurant chains in USA have their own online delivery and customer engagement app, which was missing by Golden Corral Brownsville.


PROSES and our partner Viva media group created a strategy not just to allow the regular pickup and delivery for Golden Corral Brownsville but also allowing user to book their dine-in as well as user engagement with an exclusive reward management program. Along with user experience it is important to manage every day operations for every user transaction and engagement with the restaurant and make the delivery/pickup/dine-in experience execute smoothly.


We launched Golden Corral Brownsville app in October in both IOS and Android platform and within few months we got more than 1000 downloads and lot of restaurant customers are booking their dine-in dates via app. With integration of google analytics the GC team is now able to run and analyse the campaigns getting the ROI in quick period. It’s a first app developed by a Franchise owner of Golden Corral Chain.