Lulla Classes is a very known educational institute in Baroda. When they approached us, their website was simple in WordPress and they wanted something new and updated in terms of design, performance and user experience.


At PROSES our strategy was quite simple, to provide their website a better user experience and create customized module which would help them to have more organized information as well as to have a better user experience and designs. One more important feature was to be developed that is to collect the fees online with the best payment gateway available in India.

If you are one of the people out there who has tried a couple of Website Developers and been dissatisfied with their service, then let me tell you that PROSES India is your Right Choice. Right from Conceptualization to Delivery, Proses has never failed to impress us with their flawless execution.

Dev Lulla Director & Lead Educator - Lulla Classes


With Lulla classes the results were quite predictable as the problems where very specific. The performance of the site was up by 80-85% after optimization and selecting the right resources in terms of hosting. Proses is still handling the support and due to our quick services, we could bag another app project from them.

Via: Lullaclasses